Elevating Cryptocurrency Trading

SH Digital supplies both sophisticated and retail customers with simplified fiat on and off-ramp options designed to eliminate friction between fiat and crypto assets.

  • Retail
  • Advanced Trading
  • OTC
  • NFT

World-Class Trading Platforms

SH Digital is making it simple for our customers to have access to the best service providers in the industry. We pride ourselves on providing best customer service in the Crypto Industry.

  • Access to Liquidity

    Through SH Digital platforms our customers have access to aggregated liquidity from 10+ tier one liquidity providers, crypto custodial wallets, US and European bank accounts, etc.
  • Flexibility and Support

    Our services are diverse and flexible, we support various forms of on and off-ramp, trading on credit with post trade settlement, and trade execution via web UI, API integration or Telegram chat.

Our Products

  • TenetX

    Access to the crypto market for under-banked – buy and sell crypto using point of sale retail locations.

  • TenetX PRO

    Easy crypto on and off-ramp for demanding market participants.

  • OTC

    Access world class liquidity any way you want: from Telegram to Web UI to Websocket or FIX API

  • NFT

    Buy and sell NFTs using our state-of-the-art platform, and take advantage of the best rates in the industry

Unparalleled Access & Support

SH Digital is a licensed digital asset trading firm that offers multiple trading services, utilizing cutting edge technology designed to provide for the most fluid, reliable trading experience possible.

  • Sophisticated Trading Platforms

    We provide various trading tools, including several order types. Trade via chat, web interface, and through multiple APIs.

  • Access To Tier One Liquidity & Credit

    Trade with aggregated liquidity from premier market makers and exchanges. Post-trade settlement available for approved customers.

  • Access To US & European Bank

    All crypto assets are secured and managed by qualified crypto custodians. Insurance and cold wallets are also available.

  • Access To Secure Custodial Wallets

    Through our affiliated companies and partner financial institutions, we provide access to multi-currency bank accounts.

  • Concierge Style Customer Service

    24/7 customer service is available via chat, phone, and e-mail.

Partnerships & Alliances

Recent Updates

Stay up to date with the latest developments, press releases, and crypto industry-related news.

Team Members

  • Mohit Davar

  • Kevin Neuschatz

  • Dan Raykhman


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