SH Digital Launches Suite Of Products Designed To Empower Digital Asset Investors


A Suite Of Apps Built To Provide Better Access To Crypto

SH Digital, a licensed digital asset trading firm, revealed plans to roll-out a multi-platform crypto trading and service suite designed to provide the most fluid, reliable trading experience available.

The platforms include:

  • TenetX
  • TenetX PRO
  • OTC
  • NFT


An app designed to provide access to the crypto market for under-banked, allowing the ability to buy and sell crypto using point-of-sale retail locations.

TenetX PRO

The world’s easiest on and off-ramp for crypto transactions, created to accommodate the needs of demanding market participants. This revolutionary system provides access via web interface, mobile application, and white glove service via an accessible OTC desk.


SH Digital’s OTC desk allows for world-class liquidity, tailored to provide a “white glove”, personalized trading experience to crypto investors. This service allows investors to perform high-frequency/volume trades, supports arbitrage/hedge trading, provides for API communication (when requested), in addition to lines of credit and white glove processing.


The NFT service allows investors to create, buy and sell NFTs using a fast, accurate and secure process. SH Digital traders facilitate objectives expeditiously, while maintaining exacting accuracy and security.

Inquiries & Additional Information

Additional information can be found on the SH Digital website.

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